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Amazing! geat game! 

Awesome. Do you have any plans to make another new siren head game?  I want to play your new siren game.

The character model looks awesome.

I wish there is a endless mode and cheats codes like: Xray, tracker or nightvision

Downloading it now after seeing other youtubers play it it looks really good! I just hope my computer can handle it.   (:

why i want to execute the game but suddenly  like dx11 feature level 10.0 required to run the engine that how how to fix this how help me plss

I like horror games Siren head woods is very scary  I like it so I want to complete this scary  game  but I think siren head have three siren so scary and very darkness game scary forest I like it very much

Cool game but you should add brightness option because i dont see really nice in dark.


you made siren head woods  i like this game why don't you do a developer commetery

quais são os requisitos minimos




Too sizzling

This game is pretty well done

Hi guys, can someone give a link to download the game using a torrent? I just can't install a file in the browser at 1 GB or higher. Thank you in advance =)


top terror total parabéns pelo seu trabalho

opa , valeu luca :D

this is the best game ever

oh you are too kind ;D

im not joking your game is so so ligit

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The car driving sequence in the beginning really sells the horror atmosphere! The game also has a really nice gradual buildup of tension over time.

thank you! that was exactly what i was going for and i'm glad it worked :D

can i  record this game?

sure :D

way siren head has 3 sirens


This game picture is soooo cool!

I like it!!


The game is really cool, it's a shame that the game is short especially since I didn't know Siren Head but in short excellent work ;)

Thank you :D


Best Siren Head game so far. I know you have a million videos but I made ya one 

i'll check your video out :)

This was really interesting and well done. The sound was on point, and the style really fit the theme of the game. Not to mention the scene where you find the sister. My only critique would be the gun/stun mechanic took a lot of the tension out of the game. Also, I think it would have helped if Siren Head wasn't always making noise. Knowing where he was at all times made things a little less scary. It would have been even more terrifying if after you lost him, he quieted down, only for him to reappear somewhere ahead and blare a siren. Anyways, this was great, and I hope to see more!

thank you for your feedback and i'm glad you enjoyed :D

Pour les Francophones ! 

Really fun little game!

I loved the visuals, the black and white with red highlights really made it stand out from other games and made it a special experience!

Also (Spoilers!), what happened to Sarah was very disturbing to say the least. Although you kind of expect what has happened, the way she looks is so damn gruesome and truly the best moment in the game (in a disturbing, 'oh no she dead' kind of way lol).

The only real issue I had would be the ending. It felt like it was over rather quick after being chased through the woods the entire time. Maybe I was expecting some final twist, you know?

I also ran in one bug by the way. I got stuck at the base of a tree at a certain spot. I'm not sure where it was, as the woods were such a maze, but you can see it in the video.

Speaking of which, I made a video on my experience playing the game, feel free to have a look! I'm definitely curious to what more you'll create in the future!

hey there! thank you for you feedback :D

i'll check out your video 

Very good concept! I also watched how you made the game which was really interesting! Game starts at the beginning!


best siren head game, congratulations

thank you :D


The last game I played in this video and I quite enjoyed the story and art style of the game. The reload time was super long on purpose to force you to hide but I didn't know where I was running with the light off so I often ran in the wrong directions. Woopsie!

Thank you for the game and I hope to see more from you!

thanks for checking the game out :D

No problem :D

Hi, I've seen your work watching Jacksepticeye's video. I would like to say that I like the way the tone black and white sets for the game. Though however I wish that the opening scene would be improved, specifically the syncing of the steering wheel and the turning of the car, aswell as the tachometer. I've also noticed that the pistol, which looks like a bigger Glock, the Glocks have a magazine capacity that normally holds 17 bullets. And the reloading is very long for somebody who has a law enforcement career. I would like it if you made it so that you would balance it more around the real pistol, with less damage to Siren Head of course.

hey! thanks for your feedback. The steering wheel turning in the beginning cinematic changes based on framerate and i'm still trying to make one pattern for all PCs. The gun reload times and bullet count decisions were made thinking more from a balancing point, trying to fine tune so that the game is not too easy. Still, i will take your feedback into consideration and i'm thankful that you took the time to give me much appreciated feedback :D


MY FINAL BATTLE WITH SIREN HEAD! also this was more of the better games i played so good job! 

thanks :D


Hey dude, great job with this game! The game is spooky, fun and scary. Congrats! :D 

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions, I hope you can watch it and  enjoy it. Keep the good work dude!

i'll check it out :D

Thanks! Really appreciate it :D!

Deleted post

Amazing job my dude! You added a new since of horror with the atmosphere you created and gave me the chance to put a couple bullets in siren head lol.

thank you so much :D

best siren head game so far i loved the color and the atmosphere can't wait to do an episode 2

amazing game!!!


I played a Siren head game

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